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Our Expertise

BAÇ Engineering offers firms customized solutions on "Robotics and Automation Systems".

Our company produces designs customized for clients and systems, and uses Servo Electrics, Servo Hydrolics, and Embedded System Technologies in order to procure the fastest and the most verified results in the desired tests.

For projects used in sectors that require robotics technologies such as simulation, Biomedical, production, and defence industry, we combine many disciplines to offer the best solutions. Our company also offers turnkey solutions to Durable and Sensitive Automation Systems as needed in the production sector.

Robotic and Automation Systems

BAÇ Engineering, provides the Robotics and Automation System design, production, and consultancy services to the companies from a variety of sectors on. Our company has successfully completed a number of projects in this area.

Our work in the Robotics area has gained strength with several partnerships. Our firm has been an Alliance Partner with National Instruments in 2014. As a result, Labview software used in our projects has helped us provide problem-free, dependable, and high-quality solutions to our clients.

Embedded computer technologies

Data gathering systems

Measuring systems

Hard Real Time Controller designs

BAÇ Engineering has also worked on several projects with PLC Automation Systems.

Siemens PLC systems

S7-200, S7-300, S7-400

Working with communication technologies such as Profibus, CANopen, Modbus

Siemens Servo systems

Mechanical inspection

Applied Techniques

Dynamic System Modelling

Labview Programming

PLC Automation

RT Control

Embedded Computer Technology

Strain Gage Applications

Telemetric System

Structural Design

Data Gathering

Accelerometer, Gyroscope, IMU and INS Systems

Robotic Modelling and Control

Servo Hydraulic and Electric Systems

CANopen, Modbus, Profibus Communication Protocols